Why Use Nelio A/B Testing?

Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress

Easy A/B Testing for WordPress

Nelio A/B Testing is the first conversion optimization service that has been specifically designed for WordPress.

Nelio A/B Testing helps you define, manage, and keep track of A/B-testing experiments from within your WordPress dashboard, creating a lovely, integrated, and familiar user experience. Since we designed the tool specifically for WordPress, you will have complete control on what you test: pages, posts, themes, titles… and many more that will be available soon, like widgets or menus!

We offer subscription plans for everyone. Use Nelio on your own or let us help you optimize your site thanks to our conversion reviews and personalized test suggestions. And if you have special needs we can customize Nelio for you. Our goal is simple: We want you to make more money with Nelio!

Are you running a WordPress site? Then it is time you get the most out of it! Easy A/B Testing for Everybody!

Convert your Visitors into Customers

Get the most out of your current visitors.

All websites have a purpose—website owners want their visitors to do something. Thus, for instance, if you have a blog, you want your visitors to engage with your content. If you, on the other hand, have an e-commerce website, you want your visitors to buy as many products as possible. And if you are offering a service? Then you probably want your visitors to contact you and ask for a quote. The more people do what you want, the better for your website/business! The question is: how to achieve it?

During the past few years, the focus was on getting more visitors to your website. If 10 out of 100 visitors buy your services, and you have 1,000 visitors per month—why don’t you try to get 10,000 customers instead? You spent time optimizing your SEO, creating ad campaings, trying to get more visibility. All these things are still important today, but they are not enough. It’s time to increase your conversion rate! It’s time to convert visitors into customers!

Fully Automated

Apply the Winning Alternative with a Single-Click.

The process of A/B-testing a website is always the same: you think about what can be improved, you then create one or more alternatives where you integrate those possible improvements, and you test which one works better. Once your A/B testing tool has collected enough information about the preferences of your users, it will tell you which is the best alternative. Now, what? You have to make the winning alternative your default one!

Nelio A/B Testing makes it very simple to set as the default option the winning alternative. For every kind of experiment, you have the Apply button—one click and, voilà!, you’re done. There is no need to copy the changes you applied using an external tool back to your WordPress site: everything is where you need it to be.

More Than Just A/B Testing

Conversion Optimization for WordPress

When it comes to improve your Conversion Rate (CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization), anything could be the key. A/B testing proved a simple way of creating alternatives for one or more pages of your website and seeing which one engages your visitors the most.

One of the problems people usually face when A/B testing their WordPress site is “what to test”. Nelio A/B Testing does not only offer a simple A/B testing tool, but also additional analysis features, like Heatmaps (where you can see how your visitors interact with your site), as well as assistance and guidance during the definition of experiments.

Don’t waste your time. It’s past time you get the most out of your WordPress site!

Zero Technical Knowledge

Creating and Understanding A/B Experiments is Easier than Ever.

You’re setting up A/B tests to understand your customers, not to waste your time with technicalities. You’re setting up A/B tests to understand your customers, not to get complicated. You don’t need to understand statistics. You don’t need to be a programmer. Nelio A/B Testing simplifies the process of A/B testing your site. Create alternatives as you would create regular pages and monitor their progress with intuitive results. Zero technical knowledge is required!

Nelio A/B Testing offers a powerful, yet simple tool that shows the information you need right away. Our results are intuitive and show the information you need right away.

Never Leave WordPress

Do everything from the WP dashboard. No need to use external tools.

Nelio A/B Testing was designed from scratch as a WordPress tool. It integrates perfectly into your WordPress dashboard, providing a beautiful and familiar user experience.

Other A/B testing solutions force you to use external tools, to visualize the results in external pages, to copy and paste HTML and JavaScript codes from their sites back to your WordPress. Not with us! Just open your WordPress dashboard and create A/B testing experiments using your default editors. Track the progress of your running experiments from your dashboard. Apply the winning alternative with a single click.

Are you a WordPress lover? Then you will enjoy using a native A/B testing tool for WordPress!

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