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Do you want to use Nelio A/B Testing? Subscribe to one of our plans and improve your conversion rate!


$288 / year
OR $29 month-to-month
tested page views
Best for
Individuals and Personal Sites,
Bloggers, Small Stores
And Includes
These awesome features
1 site
A/B Testing
Heatmaps and Clickmaps
Unlimited Experiments
Cloud Tracking
WooCommerce Support


$2,568 / year
OR $259 month-to-month
tested page views
Best for
Teams focused on Optimization
and Large Businesses
And Includes
Everything in Professional Plan
Up to 10 sites
Experiment Scheduling
Auto Stop Experiments
Immediate Results
Email Notifications
Advanced Developer Support

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Need custom features or larger plans? Let us help you. Contact us to learn about your specific testing scenario.


I ran so many split tests on the new site I fixed all the problems! Nelio A/B Testing helped us make a bunch money!

Travis Causey ProjectGo.Pro

All Plans Include

Unlimited Experiments
Create and run as many simultaneous tests in your WordPress site as you like. There is no restriction on the number of experiments you can start with Nelio.
Multigoal Tracking
Visiting a page in your WordPress, clicking on a link to an external resource, purchasing a product, or submitting a form. All these actions can be tracked with Nelio.
One-click Winner
Once you know which alternative version is the best, the sooner you apply it in your live site, the better. Do it with a single click and increase your revenues right away.
Money Back Guarantee
If you decide your purchase was not the right decision, we want to make things right. Within 30 days of any purchase, Nelio will refund the full price you paid upon request.
Unlimited Alternatives
Make as many changes as you like in your original content. Create one or many alternatives and put your site under test. The sky is the limit with Nelio.
Heatmaps and Clickmaps
Obtain graphical representations of the hotspots in your site where your visitors click or spend more time. Use this information to improve your WordPress.
Intuitive Results
Simple and powerful visual reporting. Understand what’s going on over time and see at a glance how confident you can be of the winning alternative.
Amazing Support
Our customers love our support team and their expertise and speed in resolving issues. Try us and improve your WordPress site. You’ll never be alone.
A/B Testing
Test pages, headlines, products, and more to see what performs better for your audience. Try different themes, menus, widgets, and designs for your WordPress.
Native WordPress Solution
Nelio A/B Testing has been designed from scratch with WordPress in mind. If you are familiar with WordPress, you are ready to create your A/B Testing campaigns.
Nelio A/B Testing integrates with popular WordPress plugins and hosting providers making it easy to create experiments and analyze results.
Continuous Updates
Our aggressive development roadmap includes frequent new releases of Nelio A/B Testing including everything you need. Continuous quality improvement is our motto.

Frequently asked Questions

What is a Tested Page View?

We define a “Tested Page View” as a visit to a post/page involved in an experiment. Note the number of tested page views is usually far below your total number of site visits (e.g. if your site has 10,000 visitors per month and only 10% of them visit a page you are testing, your PageView count would be only 1,000).

What will I need to install on my WordPress?

You just need to download our Nelio A/B Testing plugin for WordPress. You’ll find it in the official WordPress repository. Just install the plugin and activate it the same way you do with any other WordPress plugin.

How do I manage my account?

Upon registration, you will obtain your account details (your email address and a registration number) to activate the service in WordPress. Also, you will receive an email with the order receipt containing a personalized URL. This URL will bring you to your subscription page where you will be able to monitor your billing history, change the payment method and cancel the subscription in one click. No questions asked.

What if I need more quota or it varies from one month to another?

Our plans change as your needs change. If you need more quota, you can get 10,000 additional Tested Page Views (or ask us for a personalized plan). On the other hand, if you don’t exhaust your quota for a given month, you don’t lose it—the remaining Page Views will be available during the next month.

What amount of coding knowledge is required to use Nelio A/B Testing?

No technical expertise is necessary. Nelio A/B Testing integrates completely with WordPress. Simply create A/B Testing campaigns the same way you create pages and posts.

Does Nelio A/B Testing have nonprofit pricing?

Yes, visit Nelio A/B Testing for Nonprofits for more information.

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

Check out our FAQ page, or you can also contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our packages, special needs and features you may need, or whatever you have in mind related to Nelio A/B Testing.

Detailed Comparison


for individuals & personal sites


for small business owners


for teams focused on optimization

Sites 1 5 10
Tested Page Views 5,000 35,000 200,000
Experiments Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Alternatives Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Results Frequency Every 20 minutes Every 20 minutes Immediate Updates
5,000 Additional Page Views US$ 10 US$ 10 US$ 10
Enterprise Features
E-Mail Notifications Not Included Not Included Included
Experiment Scheduling Not Included Not Included Included
Stop Experiments Automatically Not Included Not Included Included
Immediate Results Not Included Not Included Included
Advanced Developer Support Not Included Not Included Included
Professional Features
Multisite Not Included Included Included
Priority Email Not Included Included Included
Greedy Algorithm Not Included Included Included
Confidence Configuration Not Included Included Included
Participation Rate Not Included Included Included
Original Content Enforcement Not Included Included Included
Quota Control Not Included Included Included
Basic Features
WooCommerce Support Included Included Included
A/B Testing of Pages Included Included Included
A/B Testing of Posts Included Included Included
A/B Testing of Headlines Included Included Included
A/B Testing of Menus Included Included Included
A/B Testing of Widgets Included Included Included
A/B Testing of Themes Included Included Included
A/B Testing of CSS Included Included Included
Unlimited Alternatives per Experiment Included Included Included
Heatmaps Included Included Included
Clickmaps Included Included Included
Multigoal Experiments Included Included Included
Set Winner with 1-click Included Included Included
Experiment Duplication Included Included Included
No HTML, no code snippets, no complex tools Included Included Included
Compatible with Managed WordPress Hosting Services Included Included Included
Continuous Updates Included Included Included
Amazing Support Included Included Included
30-day Money Back Guarantee Included Included Included
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