Service Advantages

Nelio A/B Testing is not only a WordPress plugin, but also a conversion optimization service. As such, it offers several advantages compared to other solutions: it fits your needs at all times, it’s continuously updated according to your demands, and it comes with an outstanding assistance and amazing technical support.

Shift the Workload from Your Server to Ours

Let your server take care of your website and we’ll take care of the A/B testing aspects.

There’s a lot of information to track in any split test: what pages are visited by your users, which conversion actions are performed, which are the hot spots of a tested page (heatmaps)… We take care of gathering all this information, digest it, and generate comprehensible and intuitive results.

Our backend servers run on Google AppEngine; they are lightning fast and extremely reliable. Gathered tracking data is sent from your visitors web browser direct to our servers, thus reducing your database usage and workload.

Something Missing? Ask For It!

We value your opinion. Your needs direct us.

Have you encountered a compatibility issue? Would you like a new metric in your split tests? Do you need a different conversion action? Would you like to test another WordPress element?

Nelio A/B Testing is not oblivious of you. Tell us what you need and we’ll include your demands in our development roadmap.

The Commitment to Building Trust

You’ll be with us as long as you’re happy with our work.

As a WordPress service provider, we have to take care of you every single day or you’ll leave. It’s that simple! We cherish our customers and we want to make sure you’re satisfied with every aspect of Nelio. Subscribe to any of our plans and you’ll quickly realize how hard we work to make you feel comfortable with us!

Continuous Updates

Our plugin is continuously evolving to match our customers’ needs.

How long do you have to wait until the author of your plugin decides to align it with the latest version of WordPress? And to release a bug fix? For a service, not addressing these issues immediately may result in clients fleeing.

Our development team is working continuously on new features and functionalities for Nelio A/B Testing. We won’t let you down ever!

Pay As You Go

Subscribe to the plan you need. Pay after the free trial.

Maybe you are not interested in constantly optimizing your site but just want to try a couple of changes. Our monthly plans are useful for anyone who is not able to A/B test her site every day: you could subscribe to the service and unsubscribe a few months later. This would be much cheaper than buying a plugin where you have to pay the full value regardless of how long you plan to use it.

…and Never Leave WordPress!

Do everything from the WP dashboard. No need to use external tools.

Nelio A/B Testing was designed from scratch as a WordPress-oriented service. Our plugin integrates perfectly into your WordPress dashboard, providing a beautiful and familiar user experience.

Other A/B testing solutions force you to use external tools, to visualize the results in external pages, to copy and paste HTML and JavaScript codes from their sites back to your WordPress. Not with us! Create A/B testing experiments using your default editors, track the progress from your dashboard, and apply the winning alternative with a single click.

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