Nelio A/B Testing for Publishers

Deliver to every reader a more engaging and relevant reading experience.

Test Headlines

Ensure all your headlines are a must-click! Create alternatives to titles, featured images and excerpts without the help of designers and developers. Nelio A/B Testing will tell you which ones keep traffic on your site.

Test Different Designs

Choose the themes you like best and compare them. Nelio A/B Testing will distribute your readers evenly across all different theme versions and will let you know which one they prefer.

Test Widgets

Define alternative widget sets in your WordPress and test them. Modify your widgets, rearrange them, and select different widgets for creating alternatives. Everything from the same interface you use in WordPress. It has never been that easy. No other plugin in the market offers something like that.

Heatmaps & Clickmaps

Visualize what your readers read and click. You’ll understand where they spend more time, which articles, ads or other page elements get more clicks and if they scroll down to read more news.

Easiest Setup Without Coding Skills

Subscribe to one of our plans, download and install our plugin, and you’re ready to go! Nelio A/B Testing makes it very easy to improve your site from within WordPress, using built-in editors and showing beautiful results.




Amazing Professional Support

You’ll love our expertise and skills when it comes to resolve issues or evolve our product so that it meets your needs.

  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Assistance during Experiment Setup
  • Discussions on Compatibility Issues and New Features

Don’t walk alone. Improve your site with us!

And that's not All!

With Nelio A/B Testing you get a complete testing environment fully integrated in WordPress

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