How to Install, Activate, and Configure

Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress

Installation and Activation

In order to install Nelio A/B Testing in your WordPress, you just have to follow the regular steps for installing any other plugin. First, go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Plugins » Add New. By default, you’ll see a default search box. Just type “Nelio AB Testing” and click Search Plugins.

In the results, you’ll find Nelio A/B Testing. There, you can see the newest version available (in the screenshot, it’s version 3.0.0), along with a small description of our plugin. Click on the Install Now link to download the latest version of Nelio A/B Testing to your WordPress installation.

The download process will begin. Usually, it only takes a few seconds, but it might take a little bit longer. Wait until the plugin has been downloaded, unpacked, and installed. Once everything’s ready, you’ll see a couple of links in the end of the page. Click Activate Plugin to enable it.


After plugin activation, you now have a new menu in the left sidebar of your WordPress Dashboard called Nelio A/B Testing. There, you’ll find all the functionalities of our plugin.

Let’s configure Nelio A/B Testing:

  • Click the Nelio A/B Testing menu.
  • This will open a new page with a welcome message, and the menu will be expanded with a few submenus (Dashboard, Experiments, My Account, and so on). Read the welcome message carefully and click the Configure now button*.

* This will take you to the My Account page. You can always access this page by clicking the Nelio A/B Testing » My Account submenu option in the left pane of your WordPress Dashboard area.

First of all, you’ll have to configure the plugin with your e-mail address and the registration number that you received by e-mail after subscribing to one of our plans. Once the credentials have been introduced, check the Terms and Conditions and click the Access button.

If everything is OK, you will be able to see your account information:

  • Your name and subscription type.
  • The remaining available quota.
  • The chance to upgrade your current subscription and/or buy more quota.
  • The sites you have registered to your account.

Finally, you just need to register your current site. As aforementioned, this page includes information about the sites you registered to your account. Assuming this is the first time you activate and configure the plugin, you should see a table with one (or more, depending on the plan you subscribed to) Empty Slot.

Click the Register this site now link to register your WordPress site to your account. After that, you’ll now see that your site took one Empty Slot and is listed as a registered site.

If you want to unsubscribe a site, simply hover your mouse on its name and click the Cancel Registration link*.

* Note that you can only cancel the registration of the current site. In order to cancel other sites, you’ll have to access their own Dashboard and cancel their registration there.

Congratulations! What’s next?

You have just installed and configured Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress. Now it’s past time you start creating experiments to improve your site! See our Getting Started Guide to get the basic ideas behind A/B Testing and how to use our plugin, or directly check the list of possible experiments.

Antonio VillegasInstall, Activate, and Configure Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress