What is a conversion and what counts as one?

Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress

Conversions are the metric we use to evaluate which alternative of a post / page performs better. We say that a visitor “converts” when goes from the alternative to the goal page. The alternative that converts more visitors is the winner of the experiment.

We only count as a conversion direct navigations from the original or an alternative page to the goal page. If the visitor accesses to other intermediate pages before reaching the goal page, this visit is not coounted as a conversion. Though we may provide in the future also the option to define as goal a page that cannot be directly accessed from the original we believe that “direct” conversions provide a more significant result since you’re sure the variation in the original page is the responsible for the increase in conversions. When having indirect goals you can’t be sure of this, it could be that a change in an intermediate page you visit before reaching the goal is the one that makes more people to convert.

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