How does the plug-in work?

Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress

We understand that before installing our plugin you may want to know some more details about how it internally works. Our plug-in is not using redirections or shortcodes and it is fully compatible with caching plugins. So, then, how does the plugin component of the service work? In short:

  • A small JavaScript code is added to all the pages under test. This JavaScript is used to replace the content of the original page with the content of an alternative one when the visitor is (randomly) assigned to an alternative page. Note that even if the original page was cached the javascript code will be able to replace the content since it executes on the client side. Obviously, since the alternative versions won’t be cached (because they are not real published pages) and must be served by WP, the loading time for them will be slightly worse. Fortunately, your visitors won’t notice this.
  • Every time the visitor navigates to another page, the plug-in checks whether this navigation is relevant (for the purpose of the test) and if so, sends the details to our cloud service asynchronously.
  • From the WP admin area you can see the results of the test. When opening the results page, the plug-in will request the processed data from the cloud back-end and display it using nice graphics.

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