How do I create a heatmaps experiment for my 'Latest posts' page?

Nelio A/B Testing for WordPress

  1. If your WordPress has the option “Front page display” set to “Your latest posts” (under Settings -> Reading), then creating a Heatmap experiment for this page is as easy as selecting “Your Latest Posts” under the “Page/Post” option.
  2. If, on the other hand, the option “Front page display” is set to “A static page“, then the “Posts page” has to be set to some specific page (for example, a page named “My Blog“). Once you know this page, setting up the Heatmap experiment is very easy: just select the page “My Blog” under the “Page/Post” option when creating the experiment.

Posted in: Heatmaps Antonio VillegasHow do I create a heatmaps experiment for my “Latest posts” page?