What is A/B Testing?

Easy A/B Testing for WordPress with Nelio

A/B Testing The Easy Way

A/B Testing  (sometimes called split testing) is one of the easiest ways to increase conversion rates and learn more about your visitors. A/B Testing does pretty much what the name suggests, it tests different versions of your website against the current one. In the end, you measure which version was more successful and select that version for real-world use.

Simply create one or more alternatives of headlines, pages, menus, widgets, CSS, or themes the same way as you do with WordPress. Then, set a goal to track and start the experiment. Just wait for the results to come and enjoy! Once you discover which alternative is better than the rest, apply it by default with one click.

A/B Testing explained in 2 minutes


Why should you A/B test?

4 reasons to start today

Know More

You can’t imagine how bad your web pages and site templates really are until you start A/B testing them. Base your decisions on real data from your visitors, not opinions.

Know Better

A/B testing finds out how people actually act rather than gambling on what you think they will do. When was the last time your other marketing tactics told you that?

Learn Faster

Create alternatives as you would create regular pages with WordPress and monitor their progress with intuitive results. Zero technical knowledge is required. Just focus on optimizing your conversion rate.

Save Time

You will save yourself hours of arguing and months (or even years) of making decisions based on misinterpretations of what the data is telling you.

Setting up your first A/B test

A/B testing a WordPress site has never been this easy!

Your choice of what to test will obviously depend on your goals. For example, if your goal is to increase the number of visitors that access your Pricing page from your Landing page then you might test alternative designs: different action buttons, a new layout, alternative explanations, etc. The goal of A/B testing in this case is to figure out what prevents visitors from seeing your prices. Is your action button too small? Or does the website do a bad job of convincing visitors to go there? All of these questions can be answered one by one by testing the appropriate website elements.

Here are the kind of experiments that Nelio A/B Testing provides

A/B Testing of Pages

A/B Testing of Pages

Track conversions from alternative page versions.

A/B Testing of Posts

A/B Testing of Posts

Track conversions from alternative post versions.

A/B Testing of Titles

A/B Testing of Titles

See which title gets more readers to your page or post.

A/B Testing Themes

A/B Testing of Themes

Know which theme fits better to your website visitors.

A/B Testing CSS

A/B Testing of CSS

Try small changes to outperform your current design.

Heatmaps & Clickmaps

Heatmaps & Clickmaps

See which elements in your website are more relevant to your visitors.

Start using Nelio A/B Testing to test your website today!

Antonio VillegasWhat is A/B Testing?