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Nelio A/B Testing is the best conversion platform for WordPress. Test everything and get the most out of your site!

Advantages of Nelio A/B Testing

Easy A/B Testing for Everybody
Easy A/B Testing
Subscription plans for personal sites, business owners, or web agencies.
Heatmaps Feature
More Than Just A/B Testing
Test everything: pages, posts, products, custom types, headlines, widgets, themes, menus, heatmaps, and more.
Piggy Bank
Visitors become Customers
Increase engagement, interactions, and conversions today.
Fully automated Nelio A/B Testing
Fully Automated
Automatically update your WordPress site to reflect the winning alternative.
Lab Test Tube
Zero Technical Knowledge
Not good at math? No coding skills? Don’t worry. Nelio takes care of everything.
We love WordPress
Never Leave WordPress
Do everything from the WP dashboard. No need to use external tools.

What Experts Say About Nelio A/B Testing

  • Nelio A/B Testing can provide you with the tools you need to perform sophisticated split tests from within WordPress. Better yet, the plugin has virtually no impact on site loading times as all processing is done via remote server. The resulting data is objective, and it clearly tells you which version of the page converts better. Extensive split tests can increase sales, and Nelio A/B Testing makes the process easy.

    WP Mayor
  • WooThemes

    Nelio A/B Testing makes it easy to set up A/B tests or experiments, manage them, and monitor them within the WordPress dashboard for a seamless and intuitive user experience. A little detail I really like? The data gathering and statistical analysis is performed on Nelio’s backend server so your site’s speed will never suffer for the sake of data collection!

    WooThemes WooThemes
  • Torque Logo

    Nelio A/B is the first solution that is specifically dedicated to working with WordPress. Since it is a plugin, all functions can be accessed directly from within the dashboard, without the need to use an external service or add any code. Nelio also allows you to compare different themes, CSS variations, and post or page titles. On top of that, it also provides heatmaps and clickmaps that show which elements of your website catch the most attention from visitors.

  • Nelio A/B Testing provides excellent tracking records of A/B-testing experiments inside the WordPress dashboard itself. It allows you to test different elements of your WordPress website. Furthermore, you get heatmaps!! Now, how cool is that!

    CloudWays and Nelio
  • Users simply create a duplicate page, make a change to the duplicate, and the plugin will serve visitors the alternates, providing conversion rate information for each. When you have decided which version is best, it is simple to make it the default. For the average non-technical WordPress user, Nelio A/B Testing is the best option: it’s easy to use and has enough features to get the job done.

    CopyPress Community
  • So, do you want to make more money with your WordPress site? Wouldn’t you love to see more of your visitors becoming your customers? Then Nelio A/B Testing is the solution you are looking for.


What is A/B Testing and why is it important for your WordPress site?

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